Where the Mind goes ... the Body will follow Tai Chi for Busy People

Your employees are your most valuable asset

Nowadays, employers are beginning to recognize that helping their employees to stay well creates a win-win situation: the employee feels happier and healthier, while the employer gets the benefit of increased productivity. Such forward-looking employers are beginning to implement workplace wellness initiatives, which encourage employees to participate in some form of exercise during the workweek. The merits of mind/body exercises such as Tai Chi are being accepted and utilized more and more.

We offer tailor made sessions for your workplace and will work with you to improve the health of your colleagues.

Below are some of the corporate clients that have utilised our services for their health and well being programs.

  • Townsville Hospital
  • Mater Hospital
  • James Cook University
  • Headspace
  • Maritime Safety Queensland
  • Department of Main Roads
  • Queensland Rail
  • Mackay Base Hospital

Look after your people who will provide great service and productivity and you will realise increased profits.

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